About us

Hahn GmbH & Co. KG lives with, for and from the raw material paper since 1953.

After the World War II, Herbert Hahn founded a sourcing company for the paper industry, and in the following years, he changed this into a commercial agency for the sale of base paper in the North Rhine region and in Westphalia. Today, we are a link between production and sales in the European printing, paper and labelling market. The company is based in Mülheim an der Ruhr, where Administration is located. We have warehouses at home and abroad.

As an independent, third-generation family firm, HAHN PAPiER, DRUCK & ETIKETTEN's slogan is an expression of where we position ourselves in the printed information market. Our range of products includes not only rolls and sheet paper alongside traditional printed matter, but also CTP solutions. This "dark art" and material mixes of plastics and security paper are just some of the products we provide to successfully meet the requirements of
today's market.

The focus of all our activities is the customer and the prospective client. It is a question of fulfilling your expectations with regards to quality and to realize these at fair market prices. This is the basis for long-term business relationships.